Social Engagements

As a social club, we pride ourselves in maximizing the benefits associated with socialization. So much can be achieved.


We believe in doing that which we consider as charitable, particularly as it affects our people, communities, government and the country in general.


We believe development is a process of social transformation in which we the people ourselves are in charge of the process.


We strongly believe that the politics of governance should not be left alone for the politicians. We all must get involved and direct every course of action.


As a social club, we believe in the concept of globalization and for that reason we encourage social integration across cultures and countries.


Part of our cardinal vision is to promote improvement in quality basic education in as many communities as possible through networking.

There is motivation called brotherhood!

At the Port Harcourt Link Club, we believe brotherhood is a first step towards sustainable development and for this reason we consider membership as duty to service.